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How can we be thankful not only on Thanksgiving Day but on a daily basis as well?  How can we be steadfast and sincerely thankful when we encounter difficulties and hardships, or when we don’t receive the desired answers to our prayers? We might feel perplexed, frustrated and angry when things don’t go the way we want them to. Feeling lost and anxious we may ask “God, where are you? Why are You slow to help me?”

Over the 25 years of her journey of faith, Inga had encountered quite a few of these situations, and what an astonishing eye-opening experience it was to see that everything – including difficult times, hardships and even destruction and her mistakes – worked together for good, exactly how it’s written in the Bible, Romans 8:28.  Over the many years of Inga’s walk with the Lord and her recovery from the adversity of losing both of her legs and the function of her left arm, Inga has learned how to have unwavering faith in all circumstances and have a grateful mindset no matter what’s going on in life. It greatly empowered her and today she is very eager to share it with others.

For this Holiday Season, Inga has a presentation that will strengthen people’s faith in the Lord and empower them to face difficulties with courage and hope. Along the testimonies, Inga provides practical coaching so that attendees leave not only encouraged, but also equipped with the practical knowledge on how to have unwavering faith, be thankful in the midst of the storm and emerge from hardships with a win.

Please contact us if you would like Inga to do the presentation “Steady and Thankful in the Midst of the Storm” at your church.


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Inga Lizdenyte is an emerging Speaker, Life Coach, and Author. Inga’s passion is to help others to implement their goals and change/improve their lives, and share her testimony of God’s power to restore the broken and turn the impossible into possible.

After losing both of her legs and the use of her left arm in a car accident, Inga was able to transform her life from not being able to speak, move or do anything independently, to traveling from Europe to the United States by herself and successfully building a fulfilling life all over again.

By offering her speaking and coaching services, Inga now aims to make a difference in people’s lives by bringing the message of faith and hope and equipping individuals to overcome hardships, break through any circumstances and achieve their goals, so they can create the lives they’re longing to have.

Inga wants to pass on to others what empowered her to change her life after the tragic car accident and achieve her goals that seemed nearly impossible, so anyone can do it too, no matter what situation is in their lives.

Inga wrote a book “UNSTOPPABLE. It’s a Choice”, which is an inspirational memoir and life-coaching book, based on Christian faith. You will learn how to apply faith and self-management tools in your daily life while being inspired by reading a true story.