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After losing her legs, the author transforms her adversity into an extraordinary life experience

UNSTOPPABLE is an inspirational memoir and personal development book grounded in the author’s Christian faith. It follows the story of Inga Lizdenytė, a woman who transformed her life after a tragic car accident, where the chances stacked against her proved all but insurmountable. From being incapable of speaking or moving or doing anything independently, to traveling from Europe and moving to the United States, the book emerges as a valuable testimony to the power of God.

“Unstoppable. It’s a Choice” aims to inspire, coach, ignite faith and equip the reader with knowledge on how to recover from adversity, overcome hardships and create the life he or she desires, while trusting the Lord. It’s a collection of real letters to her brother, which were written to help him overcome adversity in his own life. After some time of exchanging letters, her brother shared with Inga that he was on a verge of ending his life, and the only reason he was still alive was her letters. Brother encouraged Inga to continue writing and publish a book to help more people. 

Beginning with the story of her car crash, Inga shares how difficult her recovery process was after losing her legs and the use of her arm. The author shares what gave her hope and determination to restore her life. Going against circumstances and opinions of others, author aimed for goals that seemed beyond her grasp. Finally, she traveled independently from Europe to the U.S. to implement her dream. The story is intertwined with a love story that brought the author even more emotional anguish than the car accident. But then, deciding that she wouldn’t allow tragedy or other people’s choices to break her destiny, she returned to the U.S. to continue pursuing her vision and achieved her ultimate dream of an independent and fulfilling life.

In addition to her autobiographical experiences, Inga includes coaching chapters that give practical guidance and self-management tools that empowered her to surmount the obstacles and achieve goals in spite of all odds. The author discusses how to overcome depression and pain, how to not give up, break through the obstacles, deal with problems and trust the Lord, as well as what it means to rely on God.

“There are so many people, who are deeply disappointed and wounded, depressed and lost hope after encountering some painful events in their lives,” says Lizdenytė. “By sharing my experience and knowledge I’ve gained, I want to encourage people to keep on going no matter what happens in their lives and be relentless in their pursuit. My own experience showed me that it’s not what happens to us what determines our destiny, but how we respond to it and what we do about it.”

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In May of 2018, “UNSTOPPABLE. It’s a Choice” received two Honorable Mentions in Biography/Autobiography and Spiritual/Religion categories in the San Francisco Book Festival 2018, which honors the best books of the spring.

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“UNSTOPPABLE. It’s a Choice” was featured as an outstanding Non-fiction book by LibraryBub (June 2018)





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