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Internationally-known motivational speaker Inga Lizdenytė’s first book is an intensely personal biography offering hope to those who’ve faced catastrophic, life-altering events. Not only does this powerful book provide readers hope and direction toward a spiritually-focused solution to their problems, but also it shows how her journey back from a tragic accident can become a roadmap for whatever curveballs life has thrown them. A must read!

~ Robert Davis, Award-Winning Writer, former CMO


When I think of Inga, the word UNSTOPPABLE is such an appropriate title for her book. As an Immigrant myself from Ireland growing up with a handicapped Mother I know first hand the struggles that Inga faces on a minute by minute basis with just the basics of life. I have never heard her complain EVER about her situation. She has a WINNER’S MENTALITY! My Mom always taught me that if we have no TEST we have no TESTIMONY! I am so honored to know her as a friend of many years. Her Courage and Tenacity has and always will to PUSH THROUGH any POINT OF PAIN in my life to REACH MY POINT OF POWER. Because of her INNER DRIVE AND SPIRIT I am forever changed. I would say RUSH OUT and buy her BOOK …..as your LIFE WILL BE FOREVER CHANGED By her nothing short of INCREDIBLE LIFE STORY. Love you, Inga.

~ Gillian Ortega, Mary Kay National Sales Director


There are three special features that distinguish this book from other counseling manuals.

First: All of the conclusions and recommendations on how to survive depression or find meaning in life where no one sees any, are all based on the personal experience of the author. In Inga’s case, this is a rare and difficult experience.

Secondly: The accident, which resulted in Inga losing her legs, happened in response to her prayer to God when she said, “Stop me at any cost, otherwise I’m going to hell.” Against the backdrop of dominant liberal theology, Inga finds God rather radical in His desire to save the soul from damnation.

Finally: The book consists of real letters, which Inga wrote to her brother, a skeptic of faith, who had asked her for help at a critical moment in his life. This is an extremely transparent story, written with extreme care, the result of which was God changing a man’s life.

“Unstoppable. It’s a Choice” will not leave you without a reaction!

Alexander Shevchenko, Senior Pastor, House of Bread Church



What a powerful story is written through letters from a woman who surmounted so many obstacles in her life; yet, reaches out to save her brother through her writing and shares with him her secrets to not only cope with life but to go beyond and reach goals that seemed beyond her grasp.  While the author used her faith to survive her traumatic events, she incorporates not only the positive thinking that faith provides, but also step by step life-skills that the reader can also find useful with their own obstacles in life. Many faith-based books leave out the important element of “choice”.  Whatever your faith is, or even if you do not believe in a higher power, I think the author offers much from her own self-analysis and self-introspection, which is universal and healing.  Her belief that God has given her free will and the ability to make choices, and that her faith is there to help and guide her in these choices; both either-or choices in daily life,and the choices of how she chooses to see the world, shows us her path to live a full and meaningful life.  I would recommend this book to anyone who is feeling beaten down in any way, due to disabilities, discrimination, trauma, illness or depression and needs to see that others have overcome incredible obstacles and how they do it on a day to day basis. ~Terry Bell, Realtor, BHR RE


It was impossible to put away Inga Lizdenyte’s book once I started reading. With Inga, I went through pain and horror of losing legs in a car crash, then struggled to find peace and accept the new reality, then lived an incredible love story followed by an unspeakable betrayal. I went through so many emotions while reading with tears flowing like a river.

It was impossible to think that a person can still have a positive outlook after surviving all this. Yet in the end, it was so uplifting to see Inga finding peace and have such a big impact on people around her. There is only one source that can give a person such strength and motivation.

This is a Christian book about how God can carry us through so many adversities. Yet, if you’re not a Christian, please consider reading it anyway. It’s not a typical Christian story. Inga’s brutal honesty about her personal struggles is going to touch your heart regardless of your faith and denomination. ~ Irina Migal


Inga Lizdenyte tells a harrowing story of barely surviving a deadly car crash. Losing both legs and the use one arm, she has to learn how to live, not as a “disabled” person, but as a fully mobile, active member of society.

   Relying on the love and support of family and friends, but more importantly, on her own ferocious determination and her faith in the power of prayer, she aspires to make a new life in a country far from the one she grew up in.

   Drawing on Scripture and psychology as she overcomes fear, depression and medical setbacks, Ms. Lizdenyte gives new meaning to the word “relentless”. ~ Royce Brier


I read Unstoppable: it’s a choice. This book is captivating. Inga has not only survived, she has thrived in the face of tragedy. Most of us would just give up on our dreams, or life in general if we woke up from an Accident and found out that half of our body is missing and we only have the use of one arm. Inga’s book will inspire you to action. Action to activate your Faith, and your Dreams that you may have buried just because life happened. I will be ordering this book for My adult Daughters to read. It will become my favorite Birthday Gift and Christmas gift for my family and friends. Inga has a gift and talent for explaining how to overcome any obstacle that you may face. Thank You Inga, you have given the World a true treasure with your book Unstoppable: it’s a choice. ~ Joni Pritchard, Mary Kay Senior Sales Director


This is a very inspirational true story from an amazing lady. It is well written and so interesting, you can hardly lay it down! It’s so good that they should make a movie out of her story! I love true stories and documentaries. I also am giving them as gifts. Thank you, Inga, for allowing the Lord to work some miracles in your life’s journey!!! I met this author back in 2002 when she arrived in California and pleased to say she is a dear friend. ~ Lanita Dillaha


I enjoyed every page of this excellent book! I love Inga’s openness and honesty. I loved reading this intimate, tender and encouraging letter from sister to brother. I value the stories of her many personal encounters with our Creator. I appreciate the usable, practical tools she reveals to improve your life and experience. I can attest to the power of choice, perspective, and perseverance.
This true story will inspire and encourage you as it did me! ~ Dayle Owens


Inga writes a very raw and honest account of her life. She makes no attempt to hide her failings and because of that, we can all relate even though Inga has an astonishing story of finding beauty out of the ashes of her life not once but twice.

Inga’s triumph over the loss of both her legs and the use of her arm is inspiring at the highest levels. Her constant decisions to press forward and her refusal to give up and the faith behind her strength translates into hope for all of us no matter what we are facing. Inga approached every issue and agony with the fierce resolve to believe in her future and in her God.

In the midst of her accomplishments, there is also a stern warning, God is longsuffering but as she writes, His silence does not mean approval.

This is a book well worth reading and I highly recommend it. ~Barbara Schulz


This book is a raw and honest story of young woman who found her way out of a desperate situation, and who lives a life of her dreams. I am blown away by Inga’s strength and her faith encourages me. If you are like many people suffering from depression, anxiety and general uncertainty, I strongly recommend this book. Even if you are not a believer, and you tried everything to help you in your situation, give faith a try. Perhaps this book will inspire you to start your journey of the most important relationship of your life – relationship with your Creator. ~Olga Ambrose


Well written and an amazing life story.. ~Darlene L. Summer


This Book UNSTOPPABLE, What a Emotional ride she shares with us in Exquisite situations Of the Adversity she had to overcome, and Her Love for her Family and Brother and her Love for GOD.When I first met INGA, She truly Inspired me, Her never give up Attitude, on life no matter what the Circumstances were,She would always have Positive words to say. The Love affair she had, which she was in a different time in her life where there was Hope. After The most horrific accident That Changed her life forever.The Unbelievable Emotions she had to endure. She knew she wrong in this affair. But her emotions of Feeling almost Normal & he made her feel like she had no Handicap. He Inspired her took away Most of the hurt.AS a Reader you will not be disappointed with The Purchase of This Book UNSTOPPABLE, I HIGHLY Recommend and Endorse This Book. You will be INSPIRED as Well. BLESSINGS ~Kent Kyle


Unstoppable is the story of one woman’s life-changing event and how it reshaped her life. Being a woman in a wheelchair myself I enjoyed reading about Inga’s journey into disability. My story had similar parallels and it was somehow comforting to know that I shared these feelings and experiences with another person. This is an honest, heartfelt biography that I would highly recommend. ~Lake Kowell