Welcome to Inga’s Blog

In her blog, Inga shares messages of inspiration, faith, and self-management tools to empower you and equip you to have steadfast faith and to overcome obstacles and challenging times in your life.  Inga’s mission is to inspire others with her remarkable story, share the message of hope and faith,  and empower individuals to persevere, overcome, and achieve. We hope Inga’s written blog and video messages will make a difference in your life.

In the Menu you will see two separate tabs, which will have messages in two separate categories:

Faith & Stories of Answered Prayers  will have Inga’s personal experience and thoughts about the journey of following Christ and faith in Him, as well as her personal testimonies of answered prayers. 

Self Management /Life Coaching tab will bring you to Inga’s blog where she coaches and shares her experience and lessons she has learned in her aspiration to be self-sufficient despite her physical limitations. Inga shares inspirational messages and tips that will empower you to overcome, breakthrough, and achieve.

If you have a story to share as well as things that empowered you to overcome, please share it in the comments. Let’s build a community of unstoppables! 🙂

VLOG on Inspiration and Empowerment

Video series: How to Overcome and Change Your Life