Do You Want to Change How You Feel?

Are you tired of feeling down and dissatisfied with your life?

If you want to change how you feel, first take a close look at your MINDSET and what you choose to FOCUS on.
Why? You will feel and experience that which you focus on. It is imperative to understand it because what you focus on directly impacts your life experience and ultimately even your destiny.

Photo do you want to change how you feel?

When I was in a Rehab, I was devastated because I couldn’t even imagine how I would continue living while not having my legs and not being able to use both hands. Then, instead of focusing on the fact that I don’t have my legs anymore and cannot use both hands, I began training my mind to focus on what I was grateful for: I was able to move at all (it’s a plain miracle – my neck was injured, but it didn’t fully break. Otherwise it would have left me fully paralyzed up to my neck), I could think and express myself easily even though I had a severe head injury, and that I still had my right hand, which I could use to do what I needed to do.

I set my mind to appreciate what I had and focusing on what I was able to do find a way to become independent again. The decision to shift my focus on my blessings and opportunities radically changed the way I felt and what I was able to do, and ultimately this laid a solid foundation for my success in restoring my life.

WE ALWAYS HAVE A CHOICE of what we focus on:
– Have or don’t have
– Can or cannot
– Don’t like or appreciate
Today my physical condition is still the same: no legs, left arm is paralyzed and a never-ending sharp burning pain in my paralyzed arm. BUT, today I feel totally different than I felt then. Why? Many things have changed, and it all began with my decision to choose to focus on the blessings and possibilities/opportunities.

Please, hear me – stop constantly thinking about what you are not happy about, how difficult it is for you, how dissatisfied you are with your job, your home, your spouse or something else, what had happened to you, what you’ve lost or what you don’t have. Instead, pay attention and see how much good you have!
– What do you have, what you could be grateful for?
– What do you have without which your life would be miserable?
– What are your skills and personal gifts?
– What do you have today, which used to be only your dream?
– What opportunities do you have?
– What is your progress in achieving your goal?
– Who/what do you have in life, for whom/what you are very grateful and without whom/which you cannot imagine your life?
– What do you have what others do not have?

Focus on that.
People whom you have in your life, everything you have and what you can do today could be lost at any moment because we are not promised tomorrow, right? But you have it! See how blessed you really are?

Often we don’t appreciate many things or people, because this became the norm in our lives, and we no longer consider this to be a special blessing. Honestly, only when my left hand was paralyzed, I realized how easy it was to live, how good it was when I could do simple daily things, which I had not even paid attention to before. Only after I lost my legs I realized what a huge gift it is to be able to walk, to sit down and just not to depend on another person.

Appreciate what you already have. See how the Lord blessed you. Notice all that for which you are sincerely grateful. Appreciate it. Focus on the good side of each situation. You will see how differently you will see your life and how much better you will feel yourself.

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