• Do you feel overwhelmed and stuck, and you can no longer pursue your goal/vision?
  • Are you experiencing difficulties that make it very challenging for you to continue your pursuit? Facing obstacles that prevent you from achieving your aspiration?
  • Have you experienced some life-changing event and you need support in moving on, while dealing with changes? 
  • Do you have a vision /a goal/a dream that you want to achieve and would like to have personal coaching support in your journey making it happen? 
  • Do you desire to make a change or achieve a goal, but do not know where to begin and how to achieve that?

I will be happy to coach you and support you in your journey.

​During my journey of recovery after losing both of my legs and the use of my left arm at the age of 22, I had to face continuous obstacles, challenges and destruction that brought even more emotional anguish than the car accident. But then, deciding that I wouldn’t allow the tragedy or other people’s choices to break my destiny, I continued my pursuit and fulfilled my vision in spite of all odds.

Learning from my experience, I firmly can say that it’s not what happens to us or what people do to us what determines our destiny, but how we respond to it and what we do about it. I also learned that anything is possible, if we really want it, do whatever it takes to implement our dream and have unshakable faith that we will succeed. 

Challenges, obstacles and various problems are a natural part of life just as love, abundance and success. The question is how we handle those challenges. And that’s what makes a difference and determines the quality of our lives.

Connect with me to set up your complimentary session if you would like my support. I will share my knowledge, coach you and support you, so you achieve the desired result in spite of all odds. There are many Life Coaches, and it is important to choose the right one for you.  

Cost: During this difficult time due to COVID-19, I bring down the cost to $75 per session (45-75 min).

I fluently speak in English, Lithuanian and Russian languages, so I can conduct coaching sessions in any of these languages. Sessions are conducted on the phone/video call.

You can reach me at: +1 (707) 490-5145,

Inga is an excellent communicator. 
In order to be able to help someone change their patterns, you need to help them see things differently. Inga was able to clarify this for me.
I came to Inga for coaching when I was struggling with finding a balance between work, family, and achieving my goals. Inga took the chaos of my thoughts and helped me put it into an easily managed set of daily practices to help me work better towards achieving my goals, as well as laying down a foundation for my future plans.
Inga really listens to you and using these skills she is able to see into the heart of the matter.
While achieving all of this, I also found personal growth.
Thank you so much, Inga. You are the best!” ~ Lake Kowell, Program Director, Disability Services & Legal Center

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