How do you find peace in challenging times?

Predicting or planning anything is difficult in these uncertain times. It becomes increasingly difficult to find peace in these challenging times. There is a lot of unknown, and often, we feel stress, anxiety, and fear of What If.

In this video, I share my personal way how I had peace in the most challenging times after I lost my legs in a car accident or when the Lord directed me to travel to California to establish my life while I had no place to live, not a lot of money, no potential job and not even the right to live and work in the Country. If that’s not enough, I have no legs, and my left arm is paralyzed.

Lord, how am I going to make it happen??

But I decided to trust the Lord and this is how I had peace in challenging times. And this is how I have peace in these times as well.

In my book “Unstoppable. It’s a Choice,” you can learn my full story-testimony, which is an inspiring story of overcoming adversity and a story of the journey of faith, trusting God in difficult times. The book can be your personal daily coach! I also coach readers and share practical tools to empower them to be strong and unstoppable in their personal journey. You can connect with me via

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