How My Anguish Became My Strength

In this video, I share how my emotional pain became my strength and empowered me to fight against all obstacles and transform my life. I share the defining moment that turned the tragedy into victory. My pain at that time turned into a non-negotiable decision to do whatever it takes to restore my ability to be self-sufficient and to restore my life after losing my legs and the function of my left arm.

Don’t be afraid to feel pain. Pain indicates that something is wrong, and that is a good thing. However, we have a choice what we can do with that pain: to let it hurt us deeper and ultimately ruin our lives OR use it for our benefit: turn it into a determination to change what brought us pain in the first place.

Fix what’s wrong instead of remaining in that pain. And never NEVER give up.
Be strong. Be determined and relentless. Be unstoppable.

My story of how I completely changed my life after a car accident, with God’s help turning tragedy into a meaningful and fulfilling journey of life can be found in my book “UNSTOPPABLE. It’s a Choice.” I wrote this book to inspire you to have faith and to fight for your life no matter what, and I also provided practical tools that will empower you to persevere, overcome, and achieve.  This book received two Honorable Mentions in Autobiography and Spiritual/Religion categories in the San Francisco Book Festival 2018, which honors the best books of the spring. I hope you will enjoy it and find it helpful in your personal life journey.

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