How you can overcome obstacles by changing your mindset

Often it’s not the obstacle that stops us but our way of thinking.
The way we think has a massive impact on how we deal with a problem. Our mind is like a computer – whatever question you ask, it will answer.

If I asked myself: “Will I be able to enter the house in a wheelchair?” The automatic answer would be “No.”
But I had an attitude that there must be a way out, and I asked myself: “HOW can I get into this house?” my mind was looking for ways to make it possible.

Obstacles are not for us to say “Stop” but to overcome them. When faced with a problem, remember that your way of thinking can hinder you or find a solution to the problem. If you have an attitude that inspires you to take action and ask yourself questions that look for opportunities, you will be unstoppable.
Try it; this is how I became independent without legs and a left arm.

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