No legs and one arm. How to be empowered and self-sufficient

In this video, I share things that will empower you to become independent if you have a physical disability. I have no legs and can use only my right arm; nevertheless, overcoming ongoing challenges, I became self-sufficient, and now my passion is empowering others. I believe what I share in the video will empower you whether you have a disability or not because I use it to overcome any challenges and obstacles in life, not only physical limitations.

After losing my legs and the function of my left arm (fully paralyzed), I depended on other people for the simplest daily things. It seemed I could no longer take care of myself. I thought having a disability meant being dependent on others, and only the thought of it was unbearable. So I decided to break that and become independent again.

Steps To Overcome Disability

Even if you have a disability, you can become self-sufficient. For that to happen, you need:

  1. The environment must be as accessible/adapted as possible to a person with a disability.
  2. Change your mindset – change your results. Our mindset has tremendous power and impact on our decisions, actions, and, finally, the results we attain.
  3. Challenge yourself, and push the limits by finding a way to do what you need to do in your physical condition.

It’s what you make out of what you have that will make your life either fulfilling or miserable.

See the video below where I coach, share my personal story of how I overcame, and share some practical advice from personal experience.

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