BU Purpose/Mission

Becoming Unstoppable team.
From the left: Anzhelika Polyak and Inga Lizdenyte

Becoming Unstoppable Mission

Becoming Unstoppable’s mission is to make a difference in people’s lives by bringing the message of hope, sharing a personal testimony of the living God’s power to restore the broken and turn the impossible into possible. Along with the message about faith, Becoming Unstoppable shares practical guidance and self-management strategies/tools to empower individuals and equip them to overcome hardships, break through any circumstances and achieve their goals, so they can create the lives they’re longing to have.

Becoming Unstoppable Purpose


FaithA year after I faced the total devastation after losing my legs and the use of my left arm, while reading the Holy Scriptures, I felt the Lord was speaking to me, saying that He would restore my life and the way He would do it would bring glory to God. Even though it seemed impossible then to restore my life, I decided to trust the Lord and I promised to Him that I would bring His glory to the nations. Since then, my life has turned into a beautiful journey, filled with incredibly answered prayers, astonishing changes and the joy of witnessing supernatural care, protection and a blessing from the Lord. Having experienced the incredible power and faithfulness of God, I am eager to fulfill my promise to the Lord to bring His glory to the nations by sharing testimonies and sharing my personal testimony that Jesus Christ of Nazareth is not just a religious figure, but He is truly alive in the spirit and the prayers in His name are being answered.

Self-Management: Tough, but amazing life journey developed my passion to help people by inspiring them to never give up and not to allow any unfortunate events to ruin their lives.  Learning from experience, I am confident that it’s not what happens to us what determines our destiny, but how we respond to it and what we do about it. In my personal journey of recovery, in addition to the faith, my own choices and decisions how I was handling the depression, hopelessness, hardships, and obstacles, greatly impacted my outcome. The decision to never give up, empowering perspective, managing thought focus and the mindset, a non-negotiable discipline and relentless perseverance are big reasons why I was able to achieve success. I am very passionate about equipping people with the knowledge on how to break through the hard times, how to keep on going when it seems impossible, how to overcome depression, how to break through the obstacles and achieve goals, how deal with problems and trust the Lord, as well as what it means to rely on God.

~ Inga Lizdenyte