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Inga Lizdenyte is a Christian Inspirational Speaker, Life-Coach, and Author. Inga’s passion is to help others to recover from adversity, implement their goals and change/improve their lives, and share her testimony of God’s power to restore the broken and turn the impossible into possible. She wants to pass on to others what empowered her to change her life after the tragic car accident and achieve her goals that seemed nearly impossible, so anyone can do it too, no matter what situation is in their lives.

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Inga offers her speaking services in English, Russian and Lithuanian languages at:

Christian Faith Events


Corporate Events
Rotary Clubs
Direct Sales Organizations
Disability Organizations
Traumatic Injury Rehab Centers
Parents with Disabled Children



 Christian Churches and Faith-based Organizations

If you are a Christian Church or a group and are looking for a speaker, Inga’s testimony and the message she has will greatly inspire you, strengthen your faith, give you hope and will motivate you to fight for your life and for your vision, firmly trusting the Lord in any circumstances.

Inga is a living testimony of God’s grace and His power to do the impossible in your life. What does it actually mean ‘Give your worries into God’s hands’? If you know people who live in worry, fear, and stress due to their difficult times or who have experienced an adversity and question where God was when the hardship impacted their lives, Inga has many testimonies that will ground their faith, encourage and strengthen them in the midst of their troubles. If you meet people who believe in God but don’t want to leave the sinful life and still conform with the world, Inga’s story will testify that Jesus Christ of Nazareth is not just some religious figure, but He is truly alive in the spirit, and that to follow Christ is much more than merely attending the church on Sunday. Please CLICK HERE to learn more information. 


Today many companies and individuals set their resolutions of what they want to achieve, but what’s the percentage of those who actually achieve their goals? Today many teach how important it is to set goals and what steps are there to achieve them, but how many don’t attain their goals because obstacles and challenges prevented them from reaching their vision? How many people give up on their goals because the process of achieving them became too challenging and hard? 

If you are looking for a speaker who would inspire your colleagues to aim for higher goals and achieve outstanding results, Inga will be happy to inspire, coach and equip them with practical knowledge.  Inga will point out mistakes that prevent people from achieving their goals and will teach how to avoid those mistakes and accomplish what they aim for no matter what obstacles they face. Inga will share step-by-step model of how to create a vision and implement the desired outcome, having an ongoing process of growth and improvement. This presentation will inspire your group to aim beyond what they think they can and reach their maximum potential, improve their focus and performance, and increase their productivity. Your colleagues will learn how to overcome, break through and achieve. Please CLICK HERE to learn more information.  

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FREE to the Sonoma County Fires Victims

Sonoma County Fires have brought a lot of pain and hardship into the lives of countless people. Inga wants to reach her hand of help to those who are recovering from this adversity. Trying to live through the loss and recover from the destruction is very challenging. After going through the stages of loss and destruction, devastation, deep depression, recovery and establishing a new life, Inga feels the pain of those who were affected by the fires and wants to help her community by coming to speak to your group for free.

Inga will share her inspiring story of recovery from the devastating crash where she lost nearly half of her body and everything that made her life fulfilling. In addition, Inga will teach practical strategy and tools how to recover from the adversity. She will share how to overcome depression and change your circumstances, so you thrive again. Inga will share where you can get the endurance to go through numerous trials, obstacles and times of despair. She will also give you strategies that will empower you to break through all obstacles and keep on going as you are rebuilding your life. This presentation will inspire you not to give up and will empower you to achieve your goals and recover no matter what circumstances you face in your life. 

 If you have a Support Group for the Sonoma County Fire victims or assist them in any way and could organize a group, please feel free to call and invite Inga to visit you.

Let’s rise from the ashes together.

Contact BU Program Director Anzhelika Polyak (510) 695-1399, Admin@BecomingUnstoppable.org