What Happens When You Surrender Your Plans to the Lord

Daily duties, jobs, interests, friends, world news, and social media bombard us daily and we don’t even realize that while we consider ourselves living in faith, often we leave our time for the Lord to be the last. We postpone our prayer or reading His word to a later time, to whenever we have a free moment. Unfortunately, the Lord ends up to be the last one who gets our attention. There are so many exciting things around us! And, the Lord is pushed aside, waiting for us to finally have time for Him to hear what He has to say to us. 


When I think of it, you know what comes to my mind? My biggest decisions which highly impacted my life and even directed my destiny and career were born in the prayer, reading the Bible, or inspirational books.

And, they were the best decisions I have made. 

Once, after my prayer to God to direct my heart to that choice which will be better for me, the Lord changed my decision radically. That decision literally changed the course of my life and, it was a much better decision than I first thought of making. Later I saw that I would have made a huge mistake if I proceeded with the initial decision, even if at that time logically thinking it seemed that it was the best choice.

Since then, I began spending more time in the prayer asking the Lord to direct me and guide me. When I needed to make a decision, I would pray for the Lord to give me peace for the choice I needed to make. When I had a vision of something I wanted to implement in my life, I would ask God to direct me and help me to fulfill it if that was His will. When I had specific plans for something, I would ask the Lord to give me wisdom and knowledge on how to fulfill those plans successfully, to send me people who would help me and bless my work so I would successfully achieve my goals. Basically, every time I wanted to fulfill my vision and implement my plans or achieve any goals, I would bring it in my prayer before the Lord asking for His guidance and His blessing. And, I am so grateful I did! The Lord always answered and directed me which way I needed to go. Truth to be told, I avoided more mistakes only because I prayed about it. In addition, my plans were fulfilled successfully, often it seemed as though an invisible force was assisting me to achieve successful results.

The Lord says it in His word for us to come to Him with our plans, vision of something we want to implement, or choices that we face, so He could direct our thoughts, and decisions and bless us in fulfilling them. My life became so much easier and better once I started practicing these verses from the Scriptures!

Commit your works to the Lord,
And your thoughts will be established. (Proverbs 16:3 NKJV)


 Commit your way to the Lord, Trust also in Him,
And He shall bring it to pass. (Psalm 37:5)

The only thing that stands in a way at times is this daily rush to get things done.  I was just recently so caught up in everything that was happening in my life, it totally devoured me, and I spent much less time in the prayer talking with the Lord. Even though I saw what was going on, it seemed like I couldn’t get out of that daily whirlwind of nonstop ‘busyness’. One day, the Lord used an acquaintance who called me and during our conversation suddenly he said to me “The Lord wants you to be close to Him so you get His direction and guidance. You need to be close to Him.” The friend had no idea why he was saying this to me, but I knew. I heard what I needed to hear. 

Today I am inspired to share this with you. It’s a noisy world we all live in. Where is the Lord in your daily life?

Be well,


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