Inga Lizdenytė was the keynote speaker at the Largest Baltic Women’s Conference “Women’s Vision” in Vilnius, Lithuania. Nearly 2,000 women called her message the most important story of the year, which touched thousands of hearts and inspired the audience to not give up, to persevere and be unstoppable in pursuing their dreams and goals, even if fate did its best to make you give up. Inga Lizdenytė’s energy, extremely professionally prepared speech, and its delivery were of the highest level. She is a true High-Level Speaker and the work with her has been very simple, smooth, and efficient. Inga really knows how to engage an audience of a thousand people and grab their attention, make them shout out, clap or think very deeply. Inga will definitely make your conference the best experience for your participants! She is a gift from God.

~Martynas Šaikus, the Founder and Director of the largest conferences in Eastern Europe, Eastern European Marketing Guru

“When Inga Lizdenyte came into our lives, they were forever changed. I had her speak at my business meeting to my Top Consultants one cold January morning. After hearing Inga’s personal story of her going through the tragedy and then successfully achieving her impossible goals, my Consultants were inspired to do more and be more, and achieve their impossible dreams. She has wisdom beyond her years and she truly is a God Wink on this world. Inga truly Exemplifies the AMERICAN DREAM.” 

~ GILLIAN ORTEGA, Mary Kay National Sales Director, Kansas City, MO


“Inga Lizdenyte was a featured speaker at our annual fundraiser several years ago. Through her own remarkable story, she was able to inspire an audience of nearly 200 individuals to reject the traditional notion of people with disabilities being less capable and to accept that through great perseverance, any goal may be achieved, regardless of the obstacles ahead. Inga appears extremely comfortable on stage, even when discussing times of great personal difficulty. She is warm, engaging and carries with her a certain je ne sais quoi that draws people in and makes them want to know her better. Suffice to say, I would highly recommend her as the motivational speaker.” 

~ADAM BROWN, Attorney at Law, Executive Director of Disability Services & Legal Center  


“My name is Zhanna Korzhuk, and I am serving in the women’s ministry at Melchizedek Church for more than 12 years. Carefully considering who should be the main speaker at our events, we were truly blessed by the participation of Inga Lizdenyte. Inga was invited to Melchizedek Church twice as a motivational guest speaker, and her inspiring and encouraging messages made a significant impact on the audience. Simply presenting her personal story, Inga passes on to you the unstoppable power to take charge of your own circumstances and take control of your own life, no matter what kind of situation you are in. While having Inga speak, you can feel the audience’s life-changing decision to live more fully with the desire to succeed no matter what. Pointing people to faith in God is another key that makes Inga’s speech as a great tool to motivate people to accomplish what we need to accomplish. During her speech, Inga is able to bring the best out of you: an overflowing joy, the peace that surpasses understanding, and unshakable confidence that you can achieve your goals. Inga Lizdenyte’s passion is to change/improve lives of others, and I see her Public Speaking skills is a great tool to fulfill this mission.” 

~ZHANNA KORZHUK, Women’s Ministry Leader, Melchizedek Church, Sacramento, California


“Inga Lizdenyte was a guest speaker at our Lithuanian Children’s Hope fundraising luncheon. She spoke earnestly but dispassionately about her accident and her travails reentering an active life. Thanks to her presentation, our supporters understood what it means to be handicapped and were exceptionally generous on that occasion. She is an excellent speaker and motivator.”

~ MARIJA DANGUOLE NAVICKAS, Chairman, Lithuanian Children’s Hope Committee

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