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Last Sunday, I had to speak share my testimony “Religion kills and Jesus gives Life” at our new church here in Sacramento, House of Healing. On Saturday morning I get up…. half of my left eye totally swollen! I could not open it fully. It was painful to blink. Painful to keep it open and painful to have it closed. I had no idea what was happening and what caused it. And, I didn’t know what to do.

After a moment, a thought came to me – “Cancel the speech, how can you go to speak in front of people with that kind of a look?” Quickly realizing who was behind the thought, I immediately said within, “No. I AM going to speak and proclaim the works of the Lord even if I have this swollen eye!”

In the evening, I set in my heart to go into my room and pray for the eye. I started praying with the faith that I had. I anointed my eye with the oil, laid my hand on it and proclaimed my faith in what the word of God says, and commanded the infection and whatever caused this eye to be swollen to leave my eye and spoke to my body to come into the alignment with the word of God and blessed my eye. My faith was that my eye would be fine on the next day.

And as I continued praying, one moment I had a very clear direction “lay your hand on your eye, there is a healing power right now”. I was aware that my eye would be healed right now, not tomorrow. I laid my hand again on my eye, blessed it, and prayed in Spirit.

And… I physically felt that something began happening in my eye. In a moment, I noticed that with nearly every blink it was easier to blink – swelling began going down and pain began decreasing! Right there, during the prayer, my eye began restoring back to normal!

I couldn’t contain my excitement!! So I went into another room where my sister-friend Anzhelika was and asked her to look into my eye. And, She confirmed it – she was a witness to how the swelling was decreasing right before her.

By the time I went to bed, my eye was almost back normal. On the next day, the corner of my eye was a little bit swollen and sensitive. I felt the inspiration to go pray again about my eye and thank my God for the healing and bless it for the full restoration. I wanted to have my eye back to normal by the time we go to church, so that could be a real living new testimony to share about the healing power in the name of Jesus Christ.

And? Yes! ✨My eye was back to normal! Hallelujah!!! Incredible but it’s true!!✨ Let’s trust our God! He is the Healer! Jesus is alive and every sickness and every demon and every knee shall bow down before Him and His name!!

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