The Power of Choice: Your Life Depends on How You Handle the Difficult Times

Our choices have a profound impact on how we navigate through difficult times, and it shapes our future circumstances. They can either empower us to overcome challenges and grow stronger, or they can further entangle us in our struggles. Furthermore, our choices during challenging times will set a trajectory for our future. It is during these tough moments that we must exercise discernment and make choices that align with our values and long-term goals.

In general, problems are perceived as bad things, and if we do not manage ourselves, we will naturally feel concerned, anxious, doubtful, and fearful.

Many who believe in God, might pray once or a few times, but if they don’t receive the answer when they want, they feel discouraged and no longer believe. Many give up on trusting the Lord, give up on their goals, and continue their lives in unbelief, murmuring and complaining, blaming someone else for their misfortune. 

Even though it might seem natural to respond like this, it can lead in the opposite direction of the potential an individual has and the life he has been called to live.

After I lost my legs and the function of my left arm in a car accident at the age of 22, my life drastically changed. Pain, problems and desperate circumstances became a daily part of my life. “This car accident destroyed your life,” I often heard. I can’t even describe the emotional anguish and horror. It seemed like there were no other choices except surrendering to the consequences of the tragedy. I praise the Lord that He gave me faith and hope even in times of hopelessness. I always had an inner conviction that God would deliver me despite the desperate situation, and therefore, I chose to surrender to God instead of circumstances. It wasn’t easy because, realistically, my situation was beyond restoration. But I continued to trust the Lord that with God, all things are possible, and I took action. To fulfill the vision for my life that I had in my heart, I put consistent and persistent effort into it. 

My choice to fight for my life, to trust God in the darkest times, and to put my faith in action led me to an amazing journey of life’s transformation. 

When I look back, I see how crucial those times were when it seemed like there was no way out and no hope, when I was in emotional and physical pain, felt tired, discouraged, and exhausted by ongoing obstacles and difficulties. 

Normally, when we face problems and go through painful experiences, our focus is on today and how we feel today, not our long-term goals. If it is too painful and too difficult today, we choose what is easier and will be more comfortable. When our journey to accomplish a goal becomes too challenging, we are tempted to do what feels easier at the moment: lower our standards or abandon our goal at all and justify that it became too difficult or impossible. 

However, a lot of times, what is easier and more comfortable is not the right decision in the long run. 

It would have been much easier not to persevere trying to find a way to do things by myself with no legs and one hand and just ask someone to help me. But then, I would not have become self-sufficient. 

It would have been much easier not to train to walk with prosthetic legs that caused excruciating pain and just say, “I can’t walk with these, it’s unbearable, way too painful.” But then, I would not have accomplished my dream goal to walk again.

It would have been much easier not to venture to a foreign country that is across the globe from my family and to continue living with my family, enjoying the comfort of my home, and having my family take care of my needs. But then, I would not be living a self-sufficient, meaningful, and fulfilling life.

When my efforts to restore my life were ruined by someone else, and my soul was crushed to the point of wishing I did not even exist, it would have been much easier to leave everything I wanted to achieve and let life flow however it goes. But then, I would continue my life in unbearable regret and depression, not being able to have a purposeful and meaningful life as I do today.  

I am certain that my story would have been ENTIRELY different if I had made easier choices during tough times, and if I had not overcome the physical and emotional traumas, obstacles, and challenges I had to face. 

Looking back, I see that those desperate, darkest times were pivotal. I see that a big reason why my life was transformed is that, in those darkest and hopeless times, I chose to seek God and trust Him instead of complaining in the unbelief; I chose not the easier path but to make at least the smallest step toward my vision. When I felt I did not have the strength – I asked Jesus to give me strength instead of succumbing to adversity and saying, “I can’t do this anymore. I am not strong enough.” As a result, new opportunities opened up, and I put my faith in action and took advantage of those opportunities; the Lord connected me with people who helped me reach my vision and He blessed all my efforts.

Difficult times are crucial because it can be a defining moment for your future. Your future path will be determined by how you handle the difficult times. 

It is like a crossroads – you have to make a choice which way you want to go further. There is always a choice to step into the victim’s role and blame somebody else for our broken destiny or failure to achieve our goal. At the same time, there is a choice to accept the responsibility for our current circumstances, be determined to make a change and take action to improve the situation. 

There is a choice to adopt the belief that nothing can be changed and go along with whatever circumstances arise, justifying it by saying, “That’s just life” or “I guess it’s just my fate.” But, there is another choice: the belief that there must be a way, and with God’s help, I will be able to bring a change and improve my circumstances regardless of how bad they are. 

There is always a choice to let it go and give up when it seems too difficult to bear, but there is also a choice to persevere. 

Would you agree that, in the long run, those different choices will affect your circumstances differently? 

Even though it might seem that in difficult times, you have no choice but to give in to circumstances, know that even in the most troubled times, you do have a choice. We can’t control what happens in our lives, but we can control our response. Your response will determine your outcome.

The answer is always there, and the Lord has a plan, but what is needed is your steadfast faith and tenacity to move forward and never give up. It is essential to trust the Lord and His plan for your life. It is imperative to persevere through the difficult times and never give up hope. 

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