It’s a privilege for me to participate in this event. I am going to speak on one of my favorite topics that I wrote in my book – when you set a lofty goal you will face obstacles WITHOUT A DOUBT. That’s when many make a huge mistake – they give up on their goal and say “it didn’t work out, it’s too much for me, too many barriers, impossible”, etc.

After breaking through enormous obstacles multiple times in my own journey, I will share what it takes to break through stumbling blocks and hardships so that you don’t give up but achieve your goal.

I am very excited to empower those who are ready to achieve!



Steady and Thankful poster

Becoming Unstoppable, LLC and the Hand of Help Ministry invite you to the event “Steady & Thankful in the Midst of the Storm”. How can we be grateful not only on Thanksgiving Day but on a daily basis as well?  How can we be steadfast and sincerely thankful when we encounter difficulties and hardships, and when we don’t receive the desired answers to our prayers?  

It is not that easy to be thankful in those times, is it? 

We might feel perplexed, frustrated and angry when things don’t go the way we want them to, right? Feeling lost and anxious we may ask “God, where are you? Why are You slow to help me?”

Over the 25 years of Inga’s faith journey, she has encountered quite a few of these situations. Over the many years of her walk with the Lord and her recovery from the adversity, Inga has learned how to have unwavering faith in all circumstances and be steadfast and grateful no matter what’s going on in life. No longer Inga has fear or anxiety when difficulties show up. It greatly empowered her and Inga is very eager to share it with others.

For this Holiday Season, Inga has a presentation that will strengthen people’s faith in the Lord and empower them to face difficulties with courage and hope. Along with the testimonies, Inga will provide coaching so that attendees leave not only encouraged, but also equipped with the practical knowledge on how to have unwavering faith, be thankful in the midst of the storm and emerge from hardships with a win.

When: Saturday, Dec 1, 2018, 3:30-7pm.

Where: 1690 21st Ave, San Francisco, CA 94122, Sunset Bible Assembly of God.

Cost: Free admission; donations are welcomed.

Info: Admin@BecomingUnstoppable.org, BecomingUnstoppable.org





“UNSTOPPABLE. It’s a Choice” will be available at the Sonoma County Fair on Thursday, August 9th, 11am-5pm.

I will be at the E.C. Kraft Building with Redwood Writers booth.
If you would like to get your signed copy of the book, find us on Thursday at the E.C. Kraft Building. Oh, and we will have a Raffle for a FREE eBook! 
See you there!

Sonoma County Fair Announcement


I want to express my sincere Thank You to all who joined me on this significant day, my very first Book Signing on July 11th at the Barnes & Noble in Santa Rosa, CA. Remembering this evening fills my heart with pure gratitude. Bookstore’s Manager said it was one of the best and most successful book signings they’ve had in a long time. You all made this day unforgettable! Please see the video of my book signing and photos you can find in a photo gallery. Barnes&Noble Book Signing Invite


Shevchenko Conference
Впервые в США, для пастырей душепопечителей и лидеров служений, пройдёт конференция такого масштаба. На повестке наиболее актуальные вопросы перед которыми стоит современная церковь. Лучшие русскоязычные преподаватели и практики. Эта конференция не только расширит влияние вашей церкви но и подымет на другой уровень ваших служителей. Приезжайте всей командой. Регистрация открыта. Детали по ссылке: https://ashevchenko.org/conference/