What Made Me Strong?

Often I hear “Inga you are such a strong woman”. The truth is that I was not born strong and did not always have a steadfast faith. I became strong. It was a process. I became strong because in the moments of difficulties I chose to fight.

My grief for the loss lasted a long time. Deep depression made me wish I didn’t even exist. Despair often stared at me because I no longer could see a fulfilling future for my life. Doubts and questions were showing up daily. But I called out to God to help me. I knew He is mighty and He could turn around my circumstances. And I never gave up on my pursuits. Relentless effort and commitment became my best companions.  And the Lord answered because He is faithful to His word. And my personal efforts and work bore the fruit of successful results.


Normally, we don’t like hard times. Looking back, I see that all the difficulties taught me far more than I could have ever learned otherwise. In fact, despair, ongoing problems, and obstacles are what made me strong. There is a lot of good in hardships. It’s because of them I became much stronger, determined and persistent. Through times that once seemed totally hopeless, I have discovered the incredible power of faith, and my experience has taught me how to hold on to that faith at all times. Faith has given me the strength to endure; faith has given me the courage to move forward no matter how challenging life’s hurdles I had faced.

I am thankful for the experience because it made me much more compassionate than I was before the accident. Looking back, I was far more self-centered and concerned with outward appearances than I was with inner qualities and human needs. Hardships and agony have developed me as a human being. Ongoing obstacles have taught me how relentless effort can break through any kind of barrier.

Challenges taught me how to push myself, to go beyond what I thought I could do. I am thankful for all I had to go through because it has shaped my character and taught me some very valuable lessons.

And I am thankful for one of the biggest gifts I received from my life journey: in my hardships, I got to know the Lord my God, whose love and care cannot compare to anything in this world. I know it’s very common to talk about God as some mysterious object, and that many people don’t take faith in God seriously. It’s as though people are ashamed to discuss their faith with others. My life experience has shown me how wrong I was in going along with the crowd.

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I encourage you to not allow obstacles or difficult times to discourage you. Do not be afraid of them. They will come either way, so equip yourself with faith and non-negotiable decision to overcome them. What doesn’t break you will make you stronger. So, knowing that problems can be very beneficial to you if you choose to win, decide that you will never give in nor will you ever give up.

You will meet obstacles that will try to prevent you from achieving your goal and will do everything in their power to get you off track. But overcome those obstacles by your relentless effort to break through and just keep going.

Remember: No one can break you down and stop you unless you allow it.

And even if you slip and fall down – ask the Lord to give you strength to get up and continue moving forward. Extract the value out of every situation and move on toward your goal.

Just do not give up. Never give up.

When hopelessness will show up on the horizon, choose to hold on to your faith. Despair might try to convince you that you have no chance, but you be steadfast anyway. Hold on to your faith no matter what’s going on around you and continue to make steps toward your vision.

Trust in the Lord no matter what. When you face difficult times, remember that you have a source of strength. Seek help from your Lord, for only He is an inexhaustible source of strength. He is not going to leave you alone when you’re in trouble and He will not forsake you. Jesus said He will not cast out anyone who comes to Him, those who come to Him with a sincere heart. The Lord is fully aware of your situation and He will be watching what you are going to do when difficulties come – are you going to sink into sadness and fear, or you are going to decide to fight your battle and look to Him to seek His help? The choice is yours.

Don’t join those who choose to dwell on the problem and wallow in the mud of self-pity, blaming others for their failures and unhappiness. Rise above it. Always know that the story that will be written in your life book depends on you, not on other people or circumstances.

When you do face a challenge – accept it with courage, because it was given to you as a learning experience, not to break you down. Believe that you can handle it, and get to work. It will stretch you and make you grow.

Things that happen can impact your life one or another way, but nobody and nothing can take away from you that, which is within you. No people, troubles or difficulties can take away from you your faith and positive attitude, which is a foundation for your life. When you have unshakable faith and a mindset that empowers you, you will always have the courage to accept any situation in life and the strength to move on, no matter what happens along the way.

And if you protect and guard your faith, and make it the rock on which you stand, no life’s storm will be able to break you down. So, cherish and protect that which is within you. Be like a ship that hoists its sails and moves forward despite any storms.

Be Strong. Be Determined and Relentless. Be Unstoppable.


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