When Total Hopelessness Stared at Me With Its Deadly Look

When total hopelessness stared at me with its deadly look and there was absolutely nothing I could do about my situation, I chose to have faith. I put my trust in the Lord that He is able to change any circumstances. Thus, I was able to cope with daily agony and darkness of my circumstances knowing that eventually there would be light on the horizon. That’s what held me from giving up. That’s what gave me confidence that I would achieve my vision in the end. Because my faith was the rock on which I was standing on, I had a perspective about my future that empowered me to take action and never give in to my circumstances. This is what gave me hope and endurance to continue on and make every effort to improve my life. 

When you have a belief system that strengthens you, it is much easier to accept life’s challenges and handle the difficulties you encounter. 

Here’s an example:

            When you put your sunglasses on, you see the same surroundings and objects as you saw without glasses, but you see everything differently, don’t you? What you see stays the same, but how you see it changes. Now replace sunglasses with glasses of faith. When you look at your life from the perspective of faith, you will see the same events of your life and surrounding world, but you will see it differently. Your perspective through faith will give you hope. It will empower you and thus, you will feel differently and you will make different choices.

When you look at your circumstances and your future through the eyes of faith, you will always have the hope and strength to continue to go forward. You will feel differently, and you will make completely different choices about how you will handle difficulties. You will never let go of your goal and you will not allow despair to devour you. Only faith has the invincible power and it will help you in the most difficult times.

Have unshakable faith. Be Unstoppable. 

An excerpt from my book “UNSTOPPABLE. It’s a Choice”


Into the future through faith with confidence

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