When You Stand at the Crossroads of a Choice of ‘It’s Easier’ and ‘Not easy’

It is not easy to get into the depth of unpleasant situations and make an effort to resolve them. It’s much easier to let them go and leave the way it is. It is easier to relax and not do the work that needs to be done. It is easier to stay with what you know and what gives you security and not take the risk. It is easier to say “I will do this tomorrow.” It is so much easier to do the job carelessly without putting extra effort in it. It is easier to stay in your comfort zone. It is easier to miss the phone call and not to take your time or effort to develop relationships. It is easier to make the choice that is easier at the time, but what is the ultimate outcome of those kinds of choices? A fake relationship while pretending that everything is fine, poverty, missed opportunity, endless pain of regret, wasted time, misery, mediocrity, and loneliness.

It is not easy to be open, vulnerable and make an effort to build an honest relationship that lasts. It is not easy to choose to do the work when you want to just relax and have fun. It requires courage and it’s not easy to take the risk. It is not easy to be disciplined and get things done on time. It is not easy to put all effort in everything you do and make an extra step. It’s not easy and it might be scary to get out of your comfort zone in order to reach your desired outcome. It does take time and effort to develop and strengthen your friendships. It is not easy to make these kinds of choices, but where do they bring us?

Ultimately, they bring us strong, honest and loving relationships, successful results and economic well-being, promotions, achieved goals, opportunities that lead us to new and bigger opportunities, wisely managed time, and memorable experiences. Finally, your big dream will be fulfilled only by choices that are not easy to make.

What if standing at the crossroads of choices “I don’t feel like it” and “I am committed”, “easy” and “not easy,” “want to” and “don’t want to”, you will ask yourself, “The choice that I am going to make now – where is it going to bring me ultimately?”

Ask yourself how the choice will affect your future

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