3 Testimonies of God’s help and lessons that empower

In this video, I share testimonies that I have experienced on my trip to Lithuania in March 2020. I share testimonies of how the Lord helped me in those moments when I had absolutely no control over the circumstances, and how He took care of the details, which played a very important role. My trip to Lithuania was filled with blessings! These are just a few of them.

And this trip once again showed that when events and circumstances do not work out as you want, we must not allow ourselves to get into stress, worry, and panic, but call out to God for help and be steadfast in faith that God has everything in His power and His help is sure to come. And also, it is simply necessary to have control over your way of thinking – A LOT depends on it. I share this at the end of the video.

In the video, I read Psalm 91.

Karina Astrauskaite-Shabalt
Shabkari Sax Music

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