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Inga’s life after the car accident has become an incredible journey of faith. Inga accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior when she was 16 years old and attended an Evangelical non-denominational church. However, after four years of being actively involved in the church, Inga turned away from her church, cut off her association with her fellow Christians and merged with the secular world. Shortly after this, Inga had the accident that changed her life forever.

After continuous prayers seeking for God’s answers of why this accident had to be so cruel and how she could possibly continue her life having no legs and only one functional arm, Inga received her answer through Scriptures. She had a revelation that the Lord was going to heal and restore her life, and the way He would do it would bring Him glory. Even though her circumstances looked hopeless and restoring her life seemed impossible, Inga trusted and surrendered to God.

In her prayer, she said, “Show me Your glory, show me Your power and I will bring Your glory to the nations.” Since then, Inga’s life has turned into a beautiful journey, filled with incredibly answered prayers, astonishing changes and the joy of witnessing supernatural care, protection and a blessing from her Lord. During her walk of faith, the Lord has been teaching her as a father teaches his child to walk in obedience before the Lord God and fully trust Him in all circumstances.

Inga’s life is truly a reflection of God’s glory, witnessing the living Father God, his Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. God has completely transformed Inga’s life; today she feels happier than she was before the car accident. For the past five years, Inga has traveled extensively to tell her story of transformation and has shared her testimony on Christian Media, in order to inspire and strengthen people and to spread God’s message of hope.

Today, Inga aims to fulfill the promise that she has given to her Lord God and to help other people. Click Here to check the topics and testimonies that Inga offers to share.

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