“Steady & Thankful in the Midst of the Storm” Cindy Soto testimony

This is a difficult time for many. I want to share with you a recording of the event “Steady & Thankful in the Midst of the Storm” that we had a few years ago. How can we be steadfast and sincerely thankful when we encounter difficulties and hardships, and when we don’t receive the desired answers to our prayers? It is not that easy to be steady and at peace in those times, is it?

We will post a series of videos of testimonies that we shared at this event, which will inspire and empower you to face difficulties with courage and hope. Along with testimonies, I will share some practical advice/knowledge on how to have unwavering faith in the midst of the storm and emerge from hardships with a win.

Here is the 1st video, an amazing testimony. Our dear friend, Cindy Soto accepted our invitation to share her personal testimony at our event to encourage others. Cindy’s testimony is one of life’s transformations. It touched everyone deeply and made a significant impact. We encourage you to hear her testimony.

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