After a life-changing accident, Inga overcame great obstacles and successfully has reclaimed her dynamic and fulfilling life, becoming an inspiration to others. In her presentations, in addition to sharing her moving story, Inga provides the practical guidance and self-management tools that empowered her to recover from adversity, conquer all obstacles and numerous times achieve her goals that others considered to be impossible.  

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Suggested keynote and workshop topics, but not limited to:

Topic 1. “It’s Not What Happens To Us Determines Our Future”

Did you experience failure and feel defeated? Are you going through difficult times and feel helpless? Have you experienced an event, which was so destructive that it seems impossible to reclaim what you’ve lost? Inga’s moving story and the message she has inescapably touches the heart and inspires. Attendees will walk away feeling motivated and empowered to never give up but break through their own hardships and achieve their goals. In addition, they will receive a strategy and practical tools of how to overcome adversity, break through obstacles and fulfill their vision.

Topic 2. “Break Through and Achieve”

Are you aspiring to achieve your goals but facing obstacles that prevent you from attaining successful results? Do you feel that it’s very challenging and it’s too hard to achieve your goal?

This presentation will empower attendees to break through any stumbling blocks that prevent them from attaining successful results. Participants will hear a true story of how Inga constantly faced obstacles that made her goals and dreams unattainable, and what she did to overcome them all. Inga’s story will encourage, give hope and show a completely different view of problems and obstacles. In addition, attendees will receive practical coaching and ‘Breakthrough Formula’ strategy that will empower them to overcome any obstacles so they can achieve success. Also, Inga will show a step-by-step model of how to create a vision and implement the desired outcome, having an ongoing process of growth and improvement.

Topic 3. “Overcome Depression and Thrive”

Have you experienced a painful event and you have a hard time moving on in your life? Do you feel depressed and it holds you back from enjoying life? In this presentation, Inga will share her inspiring story about how she conquered deep depression after a life-altering car accident and emerged from her tragedy with a triumph. Attendees will leave inspired and equipped with a strategy and practical tools on how to overcome depression in their own life.

To book Inga to speak, please call 707.490.5145 or Email: