Do you feel anxious or uncertain about the future after a major blow?

For the first three years since the tragedy, my life was filled with anguish. Ongoing questions of how to continue living my life were a daily emotional torture. Unspeakable grief for the loss. And hopelessness for the future. Yet, deep within, I knew I would not allow the accident to dictate how I would live my life. I was not going to give up. My decision to not give up and continuous perseverance delivered its fruit; Everything in my life has changed so beautifully!

So many times, I felt I couldn’t go on pursuing my goal. It was like an endless desert. The only thing that carried me through that lifeless desert was my FAITH and PERSISTENT EFFORT TO MOVE FORWARD.

It was a struggle to go against the circumstances and pursue my vision. Watching my persistence through pain, exhaustion, and disappointment, people advised me not to pursue goals because they seemed impossible to achieve. Instead, I should make it easy on myself and work around my circumstances.

I understood; they loved me and didn’t want to see me struggle so much. But that was not my vision!!! My vision was the opposite of life in a cage that the car accident locked me into! Of course, it would have been much easier not to go against the circumstances and not to fight for my life. Surrender to circumstances and leave everything as it was.

But what would be the cost of my choice?

Oh, how grateful I am that I decided to hold on to my hope, and I never gave up on pursuing my goals! I was convinced that the Lord was more powerful than any circumstances and that He would help me to overcome it all. After running the race and overcoming barriers, my vision of a vibrant, full-value, purposeful life despite my physical challenges met me with open arms… Thanks to my family and good people and the Lord’s blessing, today, my life is indeed the opposite of life in a cage that I escaped.

Whatever situation you face at this point in your life, you, too, don’t give up. It’s worth fighting for your destiny, no matter how bad it seems.
When we experience a hard blow and wonder about the future, the answer is in our choice of what we do about everything that happens in our lives.
My experience has shown me that no matter what struggles and hardships you face or how terrible and desperate your situation may be, the decision never to give up always wins in the end.

Life is not a rehearsal. So don’t waste your time blaming and complaining. Make your life worth living; make your existence worthy of the Lord and your calling. Make your life story a masterpiece.

Be strong. Be determined and relentless. Be unstoppable.

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Book “Unstoppable. It’s a Choice”

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UNSTOPPABLE is an inspirational autobiography and personal development book grounded in the author’s Christian faith. It follows the story of Inga Lizdenyte, a woman who transformed her life after a tragic car accident, where the chances stacked against her proved all but insurmountable. From being incapable of speaking or moving or doing anything independently, to traveling from Europe and moving to the United States, the book emerges as a valuable testimony to the power of God.

After her accident, Inga landed in a world she never knew could exist. Her destiny had been crushed and she stood at the crossroads: to give in or to fight. Inga chose to reclaim her life. Yet the lesson learned was that even when matters seem on the way to redemption, the worst can occur. With only steps away from achieving the impossible, everything for Inga had been destroyed all over again. The fruits of her hard work and her continuous efforts were ruined.

Realizing that its not events or the choices of others that can break her, with the Lords intervention, Inga picked herself up and continued her journey in spite of the odds. Intended to inspire and ignite faith, Unstoppable becomes more than a harrowing account, it is a book that reveals; it inescapably touches the heart, but delves as well into the secrets that kept Inga going, equipping readers with the knowledge to break through their own hardships, overcome their obstacles, and to achieve the goals most important to the life they’ve been chosen to live.

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