Don’t settle for less. Overcome obstacles

Instead of giving in to obstacles, overcome them. On my birthday, I had another experience that was a perfect reminder – DO NOT SETTLE FOR LESS THAN WHAT YOU CAN HAVE.

My friends made a birthday day for me in San Francisco with many surprises. One of our activities was Bay Cruise 🚢. I’ve been on this cruise before, and I was confident that I would be able to be in a wheelchair outside on the deck. Surprise, surprise! This boat was a different kind. It did not have a way to be out on the first floor. The second floor was the only way, but there was no wheelchair access.

So, no way for me to get on the second floor. No way for me to experience the full beauty of this cruise.

The choice — either for girls to be on the second floor and I would be alone on the first floor looking out the window OR all of us on the first floor inside… looking at the majestic views of the city of San Francisco, Alcatraz Island, Golden Gate bridge through the dirty windows.

Two of us decided to go quickly upstairs to take at least a few pictures of the views and then go back to the first floor to be with me.
Do you know what I’ve learned over the years?

DON’T TAKE ‘NO’ FOR AN ANSWER WITHOUT A FIGHT for what your desire! Obstacles ahead do not mean a “Stop” sign. It simply means there is another barrier to overcome, so you can continue to move on toward your finish line.

Don’t settle for less than what you can have. Obstacles cannot stop you if you don’t permit them to hold you back. Obstacles are not something that can have the last say about your situation. What has the final say is YOUR DECISION what you are going to do about them.

So I decided to find a way to get on the second floor. My friend Anzhelika and I quickly figured out how to get down from the wheelchair on the floor and use the staircase step by step to get on the second floor. And then, after Anzhelika brings my wheelchair on the second floor, I would get back into my “BMW”:) and go out on the deck.
If you cannot run — you walk. If you cannot walk — you crawl, right? You do whatever it takes to move forward.

So, with my friend’s help (how good it is to have unstoppable friends 😁), secretly and quickly, I got on the second floor so we all girls can enjoy the cruise and the breathtaking views.

Watch the video below of their reaction! Priceless!:))

The cruise experience was fantastic!

This fine line that determined whether I will have a pleasant cruise full of thrills or a sad cruise through dirty windows was just one thing — the choice not to give in to obstacles but to overcome them.

Feeling the thrill of a breakthrough, I want to encourage you. If there are obstacles ahead of you, don’t give in to them. Resolve to overcome the barriers seeing your goal in your mind as already achieved. ALWAYS CHOOSE TO FIGHT FOR WHAT YOU DESIRE. MAKE EVERY EFFORT TO ACHIEVE WHAT YOU WANT.

Don’t settle for less than what you can have in life!

Book "UNSTOPPABE.It's a Choice

In my book “UNSTOPPABLE. It’s a Choice” you can learn my full story-testimony, which is an inspiring story of overcoming adversity and transforming life in spite of all odds. This book is about a living God who can restore the broken, heal the deepest wounds of a soul, and transform one’s life no matter how desperate the situation is. The story is about resolve and relentless perseverance that can break through the insurmountable stumbling blocks. The story is about the power of resilience that can lift you up and carry you forward no matter how tired you are or how many times you fall. It is about God’s immeasurable mercy and grace even if you make a horrible, unpardonable mistake. 

Finally, this book is about THE POWER OF DECISIONS that are made by us, once we stand at the CROSSROADS OF A CHOICE.

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