After suffering traumatic injuries, Inga knows very well the pain of the loss and the challenge of living with a physical limitation. While severe traumatic injuries cannot be restored, there are things that can help tremendously to deal with those challenges. Certain changes can make a significant breakthrough and transform person’s experience living with a disability.

Inga will be happy to come speak to your group at the Hospital, Rehabilitation Center, Convention, and Conference for people with disabilities to inspire you to go beyond your limitations and live the life you desire to live in spite of it all. In addition, Inga will share the strategies and self-management tools that will empower you to handle your daily challenges, overcome obstacles and achieve what you set your mind to.    

In Inga’s experience, her family and people that surrounded her made a significant impact on her overall physical and emotional well-being, and her decision to not give up. But, the tragedy in the life of one family’s member highly affects the rest of the family; they need support as well.

Inga would love to speak with Foundations or local Support Groups of families who have children or adults with disabilities, to provide them support and tips on how to go through this hardship while maintaining your emotional wellbeing as well as supporting the person with a disability.

If you would like to invite Inga as your guest speaker, please contact BU Program Director Anzhelika Polyak:

Ph. (510) 695-1399, EmailAdmin@BecomingUnstoppable.orcg