Hold on to Hope. God leads us out of those situations that are beyond our own power to resolve.

I will never forget the day when the Lord through His Word told me that He was going to heal and restore my life, and in this, there will be a lot of His glory. It was about a year after I lost my legs and left hand’s function in a car accident. My life, which I lived before the crash, was completely and irrecoverably destroyed.

Realistically it seemed simply impossible to restore my life. I no longer have my legs. The left arm is paralyzed. I can’t leave the house. Especially in winter, it is extremely difficult to go outside in a wheelchair in the snow. I cannot go to work, because I can’t get out of the house and in the city, the infrastructure is not accessible for people in wheelchairs. How to continue on? Lord, you say that you will restore my life? How?! I can’t imagine how this is possible because everything is destroyed and I’ve lost almost half of my body, I can’t even leave my home! But there is nothing impossible for the Lord. That which is impossible for us is possible for Him.

Three years after the tragedy, I arrive by myself from Europe to California, where there is no winter and the environment is fully accessible for people in wheelchairs. And even if I didn’t have much money, no place to live, no work, no electric wheelchair, no right to live and work in the USA and no guarantees whatsoever to stay and establish my life in this country – the Lord provided absolutely everything. For 14 years I have been living in California, I am self-sufficient, work and live a full life despite my injuries. And my life journey since the accident is full of so many testimonies of His glory and incredibly answered prayers that I can talk about it nonstop for days! My life has really been restored – I feel even happier now than before the tragedy.

Don’t be afraid, or discouraged. God can lead you out of any situation, from any hopelessness. Don’t give up, but choose life and fight. Hold on to hope and believe, even if realistically it seems unrealistic. Do your best to improve your situation, and what you cannot do, the Lord will. 

“But He said, “The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.”
Luke‬ ‭18:27‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

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