How to live life when you face challenges continuously?

Life is full of challenges, but how we face them determines whether we live enjoying success and growth or live in misery and unhappiness. In this post, as I am celebrating my 2nd Birthday – the 24th anniversary of the tragedy – I will share some insights and tips with you on what empowers me to live a victorious life despite my physical disability. These tips can work with anyone, not only those with a physical disability. Whether you are dealing with physical, personal, or professional issues, there are ways to cope and grow from them. You will learn how to adopt a mindset that will empower you to overcome challenges instead of succumbing to them. 

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UNSTOPPABLE. It’s a Choice is an inspirational autobiography and personal development book grounded in the author’s Christian faith. It follows the story of Inga Lizdenyte, a woman who transformed her life after a tragic car accident, where the odds stacked against her proved insurmountable. From being incapable of speaking, moving, or doing anything independently to traveling from Europe to the United States by herself, the book emerges as a valuable testimony to the power of God.

After her accident, Inga landed in a world she never knew could exist. Her destiny had been crushed, and she stood at the crossroads: to give in or to fight. Inga chose to reclaim her life. Yet the lesson learned was that even when matters seem on the way to redemption, the worst can occur. With only steps away from achieving the impossible, everything for Inga had been destroyed again. The fruits of her hard work and her continuous efforts were ruined.

Realizing that it’s not events or the choices of others that can break her, with the Lord’s intervention, Inga picked herself up and continued her journey despite the odds. Intended to inspire and ignite faith, Unstoppable becomes more than a harrowing account. It is a book that reveals; it inescapably touches the heart, and delves as well into the secrets that kept Inga going, equipping readers with the knowledge to break through their hardships, overcome their obstacles, and achieve the goals most important to the life they’ve been chosen to live.

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