Video Series “How to Overcome and Change Your Life” are about how to make a change in your life if you’re not happy with your life. I will discuss topics on where to begin, what’s important in addition to having faith, how to have the right mindset so you can achieve, how to set the right goals, what to do with all those obstacles, where do you get the inner strength and endurance to go through the difficulties, how to not give up and have a breakthrough, so you do achieve success in your pursuit.


After transforming my own life, I want to encourage you that you don’t have to live in misery. You can change your life. It’s not going to be easy. And, at this point, it might seem impossible. It was not easy for me. And, it did seem unrealistic, simply impossible. But now I know that you can achieve anything you set your mind to if you truly desire, do whatever it takes to achieve it and have unshakable faith. With God’s help, you can change your life.

In my book “Unstoppable. It’s a Choice” you can learn my full story-testimony. In the book, you will also find all the practical tools that empowered me to be strong and to transform my life, so get your copy and make your life a masterpiece! Meanwhile, I invite you to watch this video and be inspired! Believe. Decide that you will not give in and will never give up. Everything begins with the belief that it is possible. And with God, all things are possible.


Part 2.1 God’s Blessing and Unshakable Faith

Getting out of deep depression and hopelessness, overcoming obstacles, and transforming my life did not happen on their own. This was the result of my intentional and persistent efforts. I deliberately aimed for it. There are three specific conditions that have helped me change my life after the tragedy:

1. The blessing of God and unshakable faith;
2. Self-management – it’s the ability to manage your mindset and your inner state; 
3. Personal actions and persistent efforts.

These three conditions must be fulfilled together and cannot be separated.

In this part 2.1, I talk about the blessing of God and the importance to have unshakable faith.

Part 2.2 Self-Management – the Ability to Manage Your Mindset and Your Feelings

In this part, I will talk about the second condition – Self-Management. It’s the ability to manage your mindset, your thought focus, and your inner state.

I will share how important it is to pay attention to our mindset because we make very different decisions depending on how we assess the situation and how we feel about it.

If we don’t pay attention to our way of thinking, we can become our worst enemies. After all, our future might depend on it.

Part 2.3 Personal Action and Persistent Efforts

Once I read an interesting idea: “God gives the food to the birds and animals, but He doesn’t deliver it into their nests.” It’s up to the bird to fly out of its comfortable nest and find food. It’s the animal who needs to search and persevere, finding what to eat for themselves and their young ones. And some of them need to fight before they can satisfy their hunger. It’s the same with us – we must make an effort to obtain what we want. In addition to having faith and expecting the Lord’s blessing, we are very much responsible for our part and how much effort we apply.

In this video, I will share something that was critical in my life in order to see the answers to my prayers and to change my life. Without my efforts and perseverance, I would not have seen the blessings that I did and I would’ve never transformed my life. Many people pray and for years waiting for their answers without even realizing that their inaction is the main reason why they don’t see the blessing.

Also, I will share two things that prevent people from achieving their dreams and tips on how to overcome them, so you are ready to face those challenges and know what to do when the fear of “It’s impossible!” and obstacles show up on your way.