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How to be strong and equipped to overcome difficult times? In my interview on The High Vibe Nation show (…), I shared my experience after I became an amputee after a car accident, and what empowered me to be strong in difficult times, overcome and transform my life. I hope my message will give you encouragement and will make a difference in your life.
Shasta Garcia interviews Inga Lizdenyte who experienced multiple losses from a tragic car accident. Inga shares how God has used that tragic experience to make her the happiest she’s ever been. When things seem so impossible in life, what would you do? Hear from someone who overcame great obstacles and has become, “Unstoppable!” Because it’s a choice.
Inga receives the disABILITY Champion Award from California Human Development.
 Award presented by Senator Mike McGuire

AUDIO: Inga shares what empowered her to rebuild her life after the fatal car accident, which left her without her legs and one functional arm. Creating Wellness Luncheon, Windsor

AUDIO: Sharing about resilience and overcoming challenges. Friends House, Santa Rosa CA 

AUDIORadio show “Magnificent Mind” with Steven Campbell 

Light of the Gospel Youth, Sacramento, CA.

Love Your Life Ministries. Talk show BarbTV with Barb Marshall 

Thanksgiving Day’13 Melhizedek Church, Sacramento