No legs and one functioning arm: How I get into a car

When after a car accident I had to continue living without my legs and with only one arm, it seemed like I would not be able to do so many things by myself. Getting into a car was one of them. My dad would pick me up and sit me in a car.

I hated to feel so helpless and depend on others for everything I needed. But I felt trapped. I was no longer able to do it.

But it was true until I changed the way I was thinking: instead of automatically saying “I can’t” I began saying to myself “I can do this” and figuring out How To do all that I wanted to do.

It was life-changing! Just by changing the way I was thinking and what questions I asked myself I was able to go from being fully dependent on another person for every daily need to traveling across the globe by myself and establishing independent and fulfilling life.

We limit ourselves by thinking that possibilities are limited. Breakthrough happens when we take charge of our way of thinking and look for possibilities.

Don’t rush to tell yourself that you cannot do something. Instead, ask yourself a question “How can I? What is the way?” And then, look for your answer until you find it. I know, it may sound like a too simple thing to do for a big change. But try anyway. You will see what a tremendous difference it will make in your life. You will see what a tremendous difference it will make in your life.

This is a short video of me getting into an SUV and into a wheelchair-accessible vehicle.  

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