My interview with Steven Campbell on his radio program titled “Making Your Mind Magnificent”, which he holds on each Wednesday morning at 9:00 am on KOWS.FM http://stevenrcampbell.com/radio-show/

The Homework to Happiness Podcast is a space where the host, Sarah Jordan, emphasizes that happiness takes work.  Action is needed on your part and mine, if we want to live that happily ever after.


“….Inga shares with us her inspiration, hope, faith, and words of wisdom after surviving a car accident that resulted in her losing both of her legs and the use of her left arm.
There are so many great bits of encouragement in the interview and I know it will make listeners appreciate life’s blessings even more than they already do and inspire them to look a little harder for the blessings the may not be able to recognize at the moment, ” Sarah Jordan.

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Created for this

I had a wonderful opportunity to be a guest on a Podcast ‘CREATED FOR THIS’ hosted by Danielle Roberts, author of a book ‘Created for This’. Danielle is also an Accountability Coach, small business solutions creator, mentor, wife, mom, and a Navy veteran. She is on a mission to help beginning entrepreneurs to build their businesses while trusting the Lord in everything.  

Main Topics Discussed During the Podcast: 

*My Testimony
*You have a Choice
*God Restores the Broken 
*Bringing Glory to God with your Life
*Power of Perspective & Focus
*Relentless Pursuit of your Dreams & Goals

To learn more about Danielle and what she does, visit her website here. Also, you can find her on Instagram and Facebook