Do you Feel FRUSTRATED about your circumstances? ~ Inga’s TESTIMONIES, Romans 8:28

Time and time again, I witnessed how events that occurred and people I met, the experiences I went through all played a pivotal role in my life, and to my surprise, all of it really worked for the good. It still remains a mystery to me – circumstances that seemed to me to be not good turned out to be for my benefit. In this post I share my experience to pass on to you an important message that will encourage you.

How To Believe In What You Think Is Impossible?

Essentially, beliefs are only assumptions we make about ourselves and others, about our circumstances and our destiny, about success and failure, and, other aspects of life. But are our beliefs really true? Unfortunately, the beliefs that we hold may be absolutely not true and they can jeopardize us. How can I change my beliefs? How can I believe in what I think is impossible?