The Lord has the power to bless you under any circumstance. What’s required of you?

I am inspired to share with you a testimony that surprised me once again and taught me a lesson as well.

In early July, I caught a really bad cold due to very hot weather and freezing air conditioner (bad combination!!!). Each time I took a breath I had pain in the trachea. Scary feeling. And, when I wanted to take a deeper breath – I had pain and began coughing. As soon as I started to speak – I had coughing fits. I could not say even one sentence without interruption of coughing!

Soon after, I was invited to participate in an online conference that was planned in a few weeks. Being sure that in a couple of weeks I would be well, I agreed to participate. My health got better over time, but I couldn’t speak still. I did not want to let the organizer down, so I did not cancel my participation and waited until the last moment hoping that my health would improve.

But when I got up on the morning of the day of the conference, I could hardly speak. And at midnight I had to speak for 30 minutes non-stop. How? God, how am I going to speak for half an hour, if I can’t say even a simple sentence without coughing fits?

“Maybe it’s better for me not to participate at all?” I thought. “What will it be like when the speaker can’t even say one thought without coughing?” I wrote to the organizer of the conference about my health. I did not cancel my participation and left it up to her to decide whether it’s better to cancel my participation or leave it as planned.

The organizer said that it was impossible to cancel my participation and I absolutely needed to be there. She said that she would pray with her church for my health. Then, at that moment, my friend Svetlana wrote to me asking about my health, and I asked her and the group to pray.

This was one of those times when there was no one to rely on other than supernatural help from the Lord. I said, “Lord, if you want me to participate, then You yourself make a miracle. Please remove the cough so that I can speak and convey the message that You inspired me to share.”

The conference time came, I was introduced and I began to speak. And, the miracle was happening right as I was speaking. While I was sharing my message, I realized that there were no coughing fits! I was able to speak without coughing! Furthermore, I even spoke in a full voice as much as I could! That is incredible because, for almost a month, I had such coughing fits that it was even hard to stop them when I took a deeper breath or tried to speak in a full voice. AMAZING!

Lessons I’ve learned:

~ If something bad is going on in your life for some time – do not take it as a
norm; do not agree with it and don’t accept it, but instead call out to God no matter how big the problem is or how likely it is that you will get an answer. Ask others to pray for you. God can do a miracle even at the last moment.

~ If you don’t feel well or something prevents you from doing something, do not break your decision saying that some obstacles prevent you from following through your commitment. Call out to God. The Lord has the power to bless you under any circumstance. What is required from us is obedience to the Lord and faithfulness. 

Praise be to God, I am well, no more coughing fits.:-)  

Be well and blessed. ~Inga

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2 Replies to “The Lord has the power to bless you under any circumstance. What’s required of you?”

  1. Inga, this is a powerful story. Perhaps it is true what they say that “faith is risk”. Still I don’t believe faith sees it as risk, but faith knows it isn’t risk even if it looks risky (if I understand faith right). I was just listening to a message from brother Curry Blake. I believe it was S.W.A.T. 11 (I could be wrong), but either way he said that God doesn’t judge our obedience by it’s results, but He judge’s our obedience by obedience. I think your message coincides with his. He told the story of how he was called to a certain city to preach the Gospel, but not one person showed. Brother Curry then doubted himself that “I guess I can’t hear you like I should, God”. God corrected him, and said what makes you think I didn’t tell you to come here, don’t you know that I said there would be cities where you will have to “shake the dust from your feet”? Brother Curry said that God doesn’t judge by the results of our obedience, but he judges obedience by obedience.
    It’s not a scripture, but I think he may have something there.
    I think you did well to obey the Lord despite your circumstances. Praise God for you. Be healthy, whole, complete in Christ, lacking nothing, sister! In Jesus’ Name. I plead the Blood of Jesus over you. Jesus’ body was broken, so that you could be whole. Be whole in Jesus’ Name. Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might. You are unstoppable. Nothing can seperate you from His love. His love is your health, your wholeness. His love is your provision (so that you will have the means to do His works by His will). The joy of the Lord is you strength. Praise God for you precious sister. Nothing can seperate you from His love.

    1. Thank you, Jason for your comment! I absolutely love the message that Curry Blake has! I am so grateful the Lord directed me to him a few years ago when I prayed asking Him to teach me more about faith.:) I learn a lot from him lately. Thanks for sharing his experience about obedience. This time, yes, there was a test for me of what I was going to choose. I’ve learned through experience that obedience to the Lord is #1 priority and it’s for our own good.
      I haven’t heard the saying “faith is risky”, but I think this would say a person who doesn’t have enough faith; who doesn’t trust the Lord completely, who can’t have full confidence in Him. In my personal experience, stepping into the unknown in faith is one of the most powerful experiences in life because then you actually experience a real testimony of God’s power. People jeopardize themselves by doubting and choosing to stay where they are because they’d rather listen to fear.
      Than you so so much for your blessings, brother! May it be so!

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